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Welcome Guidlies, friends, and partner guilds.

Our Guild is based on honesty, morale, and respect. However if we are disrespected or challenged we will never retalliate and will fight back.

Our Guild is the largest guild on the maiev server. We are a powerful guild with modest respect on the maiev server.
However, we do have some guilds on server that are jealous or angry with our rapid and successful development and will occassionally say thing in trade chat. However, when this types of events occur, a large percentage of the server backs the Fires Within and the individuals spamming will have a hard time getting into successful pug raids, or being used as a pug. They harm there own personal reputation.

Our guild members work with most guilds both low end, and high end. We often offer our services free of charge or accept tips when available. eg: yells in trade lockpicking boxes any level, or enchanting< have all enchants etc.  we take our time to respectfully assist other members.

The key component in our guild is that it is Fun, socialable, respectful of other players on the server (unless we are disrespected first)  and we raid, do chain heroics, assist guildies as much as possible when possible. We have a No-Drama rule and this has been very successful in our guild. with a bosting 400 members, we have had no drama, and the authority of our officers, council men, and beloved GM has never been question.

When drasitc decisions are made, or when unfrotunately we have to remove a member. The information and brief explanation is posted in guild chat. Soon it will also be posted on this website and in the forums.

We justify our actions and reasons.

The Maiev server is a low populated server, it is behind the high populated servers. However, The maiev server is a wonderful server! many great people, like one BIG FAMILY (although every server will have its bad apples). in overall. this is the best server with the best people.

Other Guild News


Daganerabus, Aug 11, 09 1:16 PM.
Hey Guildies.

Fires Within has and is udnergoing some changes. We are regrouping members to make a NEW CORE ELITE RAIDING GROUP. This will be based on gear and attendance naturally.

Other groups will continue to run. 

The Guild has done successfully first shot downed first boss 25 man ulduar.

A group of guildies have downed a few bosses 10 man ulduar.

a few 10 man naxx runs have been completed by multiple guild groups.

We are the first guild to get ToC ahcievement upon patch release.

I am expecting MORE COMMITTMENT from GUILDIES and less complaining.

::::::::RANK CHANGE::::::::

Ranks have changed. All ranks were reset, a mojority of you were placed back into your existing ranks.

We now have a CLASS LEADER RANK in which we will put in class leaders as we see fit.  Those are the ppl who you can contact or they will contact you to respect or to improve your spec to better assist with raids etc.

The Elite Raiders rank is for Geared raiders and who attend raids timely. Also, Raiders who come on as standbye will be compensated as well.


Daga has spent 70,000 gold in the past 8 weeks for guildies ad the guild.

This is ridiculous.   Alot of the gold loaned out has not, and is not even coming back.   I do not see ppl contributing to gbank in ways of funds, greens, blues etc that can be DE'd for mats to Enchant guildies free.


OUR GUILD IS GREAT! but this is NOT a FREE RIDE!  Daga has been farming mats with the help of a small group of guildies, daga has been enchanting free and buying some mats with his gold etc.  instead of Daga making gold. He is literally at a halt with gold. Broke. 

I have GUILDIES who TANK, HEAL, ETC. Just becuase they have a function in the raid think that DAGA has to PAY all their REPAIR bills.  

People whisper Daga saying , HEY i been tanking for you guys.... Ulduar, naxx, etc. And Requesting, or telling Daga that he has to pay the repair bills.

NOT COOL!  GO do DAILIES. Consider it a privilage that you get the opportunity to raid.  

SO basically, NO MORE BULLSHIT!  GET YOUR ASSES IN GEAR! and make gold, join raids, and do not complain. DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT GEAR, ABOUT REPAIRS ETC.   It will come to you. you will get your opportunity.

THOSE who COMPLAIN, WILL NOT BE RAIDING! its simple as that.


Guild Progression and Success

Daganerabus, Aug 3, 09 1:00 PM.
Yes it's true!
The guild has made 25 man naxx progression.
On aug. 2nd, the guild members finally ran 25 man naxx as a guild. Throughout therun some had to leave based on the different time zones, however replacement with other guildies was easy enough.

As part of his plan, Daga had made several 10 man Naxx groups to run weekly. Once Daga saw that these balanced parties could successfully down several bosses or as in his group FULL CLEAR. Daga then combined the groups for 25 man which is easier than 10 man. And it was a success!

Daga will also be incorporating the same idea with ulduar, however, should the patch be released soon, Daga will be getting everyone to run eroics for the badges, then straight to ulduar, and off to the new instances that are set to be released with patch. 

Daga is trying to give all guildies an opportunity to be a part of a raiding group and get some gear.

The guildies have done an acceptional job in submitting greens and various other disenchantable items to Daga which has has, and is being used to enchant guildies.

Another Update:  The Official GM of Sine Metu met with Daga and his officers on vent. SHE was very nice, co-operative. She was very dissapointed with the behaviour of her guild in her absence and has opt to reprimand those individuals involved, and may even replace her existing Co-Gm.
Sine Metu GM known as Bell has assured to do her best in dealing with any inter-guild problems and is urgently trying to rectify and remedy the situation.

Our guild is very large, and powerful on the Maiev server.
However, I still encourage respect, honesty and clean fun.

It's a great guild. Lets keep it that way!



Daganerabus, Aug 1, 09 11:36 AM.
Hey Guildies!

The GM, council members and officers of tour guild are working hard to develop the guild and its progressions.

They have been having meetings on a regular basis to discuss events, contests, and ways to better the guild.

We have been working deligently around the clock to organize groups for naxx raids, and ulduar raids. We now have 4 groups for 10 man naxx runs. Once all groups are running successfully, we will divide them into 2 25 man groups for naxx, voa, os, etc.

We have been working with GM's of other high end guilds on the server and have developed many friendships and partners. We all work together.

We appreciate the patience of guildies who are lloking to get into weekly raids as we balance out groups.  Our guild runs 24-7.

With the new upcoming patches, we look forward to assisting with multiple groups for chain heroics to get the badges for awesome gear.

We do encourage the use of ventrilo. We are capable of supporting up to 200 ppl if necessary.

Ventrilo is the key to communications and acceleration in the guild amongst various other factors.

If you are interested in raiding weekly in a group, and/or to be assigned to a group. YOU must first prove your worth within the guild. Help lower level members, be active, socialize (communicate) and be apart of our forums. Attend guild meetings when posted. ( we respect that people do have lives outside of WoW, and/or work schedules whereas they cannot attend certain scheduled meetings. We respect this.)

Our guild is one big family.

HOWEVER....... remember... GUILD FIRST! when you are asked by the guildmaster or co-guildmaster to attend an event, or fill in on a raid. It is best to drop what you are doing and attend. Failure in doing so will cause you to be flagged as uncooperative. This will hamper your chances to getting into future raids, and events. This is a part of commitment.

Fireswithin Has a New Address!

System, Aug 1, 09 1:49 AM.
Fireswithin has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!
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